7. What you need to know

First there is no knowledge what to do to receive Grobholm Effects and that this will stay with that very person. I tried many things and found that it did not go away. That does not mean that it cannot go away. Being away can also mean not appearing for a very long time. As Socrates says "seems the gods today are in good mood" Not seeing a Grobholm Effect in a certain situation simply means "go ahead" Second you cannot change your decisions due to a Grobholm Message. It is a paradox because if you go another way then the Grobholm Effect would not have appeared. So what is the use you might ask? I have made up the forum to get an answer to that question. I have some clues what it can be good for: when you read a text it can show up when a certain line has a changing element for your life. Possibly you can read a scientific text and find the very formular that has an error in it or maybe it can be used to read a police report and find a flaw in it that can help to find a criminal. It can happen while reading quite often and it is easy to understand because you can go back and read the line once again. but if you read too fast, the effect will not have an effect because your thought is too far away from the changing element.

Currently Grobholm Effects are only happening to me, Grobholm. Maybe later there is a possibility to find more about it by talking to each other about it. Maybe it will be enforced when more people know about it. Also writing it down may help to get a better view of it. My own Effects are quite large but I have studied them for a long period.

It belongs to the brain of the person and to the constitution of the network of objects and people related to the person.

Now some information related to your safety: I know the Grobholm Effect is very exact and it can go way back in time and way into the future of persons.

This person can be a soldier. ?
That soldier can be you inside any testing machine.
This testing apparatus can also be medical.
Let us see how this point plays out for powers that be. I'd rather be careful...

As I said the Grobholm effect can not be repeated by thinkng the same thought again. This is not true for the red effect saying "something still has to happen", in very rare cases, this effect can repeat

Now I can conclude the question by Stephen Hawking if everything is predetermined. In another argument he says: "If you knew what is predetermined you would change your mind". If you changed your mind accordingly, the grobholm effect would not occur. You can know what is predetermined but only if you can not change it or let me say: you have no clue about WHAT to change. That maybe is the reason why the information transferred is so small. No interference with free will so to say....

Once I woke up on a sunny saturday morning and I told myself "This is a nice day to bike to the bakery and get fresh bread". In this very moment I saw the blue Effect saying "This hope is in vain". I did not bother a lot and biked to the bakery and found out that it was closed. Should I have stayed at home? Hm, I think that is a very difficult question! Could also mean: your type of roll is not available or the bike was stolen tonite or somebody will come in three minutes to bring bread (this would in my opinion better lead to a red flash) etc.

I biked to another bakery.

I guess you start to see what I mean...