6. Phenomenology

Before diving more deeply into this issue you should take some time during your life and try to grab situations where you see the Grobholm Effect. For me it happens about three to five times in a day. It appears without advance warning while thinking along. You do not have time in advance and it comes right in the moment you have this thought. That's why it is extremely difficult to understand what it wants to say. By the way: Changing your life after a Grobholm Effect is useless because Grobholm Effect already knows....

Grobholm Effect is about the present and the future but can also happen about the past. It is only difficult to grab what you were thinking that very moment it happens and to grab it The effect is always at the same duration that is really very short. In most cases you would not realise it. If you have it you might think it is a disruption to your visionary system, like a problem in the TV. If the effect strikes you, concentrate what happens and try to remember the colour and above all do not forget what you were thinking about. With the time you will understand what you see, and that does not mean alter decisions because altered decision create another Grobholm Effect or none at all.

Now let's connect the colors to the events:

Your hope is in vain (was the first I discovered)

That has been decided before

Light blue
Very rare, unknown

Something still is to come about that

Ancient knowledge found

This is the color of love!

Danger (for your health)

This information is not for you

Very rare, something like "Person will be silent soon"

Mixed forms:

Violet ring and pink dot inside

Green ring with yellow dot
This person has very strong emotional relation to that issue

White ring with blue dot
unknown but quite often

I have no idea if the colors and the forms are the same for all humans. To find out about that I created the forum.