5. The interpretation

I hope you made the training right away and we can now proceed to the interpretation. The big question is: did you hit your planned target in the bathroom directly ? Or did you not hit directly. Now the even bigger question: Did you, after the moment you decided to grab that item, see a small flash in the dark? Rather like an incident in your vision. A small dot of light that is already gone, as soon as you realise it. That is what I want to discuss here. Maybe you did not see it in the bathroom experiment but you may see it in some other incident. This dot of light is so small that you nearly never realise it. That is why I choose a little dark room for you to test. If you did see a dot flashing remember the moment when you saw it. This point combines all aspects of the first 4 chapters of this text: It cannot be reproduced. It appears only once. It appears in different form in other circumstances. This phenomenon relates to thinking and most of it to the thoughts you are thinking in the moment it happens (sometimes it appears directly connected to actions, but in most cases the actions are results of thoughts...). This information is binary: happens, happens not.

If you do not really know what I mean repeat the exercise again and try not to think in advance but rather do not think at all and let your mind get an idea for example "ah here is the hair tonic" and grab it in the dark because you know where it is. Do not think about the result. Think about the position and that you now grab it. Unfortunately I cannot tell you more about it. I also do not know if it appears in all humans. Because it never changes for me, it makes me believe that it also appears in other humans. I am confident that this phenomenon happens in more humans because I think it is related to conciousness in general. That is why I created this text.

I want to call this "Grobholm Effect" from here on. When you saw it once, you will likely see it in more events. I do not know if you can create a reproducible situation. Actually I never could reproduce it. Maybe you want to argue that this is the effect of "knowing what you know before you know it". Neuro-scientists have found in their brain scanners some brain activity before the real activity happens. I think we have a more deeper effect here. And I think it is too short to be seen in a brain scanner. But you never know. Later when I reviewd this text, I decided to relate this phenomenon to "The All-Knowing"

What else can you do to see the Grobholm effect while thinking?

I like lying in my bed at night when the room is dark an do some wild thinking around. When you keep your eyes open and the room is dark I see many Grobholm flashes coming up. About one in 3 minutes. Maybe you want to give that a try

Another possible excercise is to walk around in your house in the dark. Maybe you want to avoid the collision with an item. This can produce many Grobholm flasehes while you are walking around the house or even if you just want to grab a light switch

The discussion about that is left for the discussion in the forum.