4. The training

As you now know in what context we are under way the time has come to find out if you are one of the people that can make the experience or if you ever made it. Therefore I designed the "bathroom experiment".

This test is very simple and it is easy to find something about your abilities in this context.

Maybe you have a room in the house that you can enter in a state that all light is off meaning that it is in full darkness after you closed the door (and had no hazardous items when you move in the dark). When you are inside the lit room think about any item in this room. Stop thinking right that moment, when you have the first item. Remember what you thought...

First you should read this chapter and then start your exercise before continuing to the next chapter:

Now you forget about this item and make everything dark in that room. Now, when you are in the room, you think about an item in that room a different item. You must think about that item while in the room performing the action to grab it. When you think about that item now, while reading it will not work (or you will not realize it). ok, suddenly an item in that room comes to your mind. Now you go and reach out to grab that item in the dark. Do not fumble for it all along your way to the item. Go directly to the item because you already know where it is. Do not search , make a direct hit.

Try this multiple times and register everything you see.

Maybe you see a flashing dot that comes to your eyes from the dark


Go and register what you see while grabbing for items in the dark. Do not think too much. Select a random item and grab it. Chek if you found it with a direct hit or if you did not find it with a direct hit. Did you see a light dot flashing?

It is better to continue reading the next chapter only after you did this small exercise, believe me...