3. About information

I believe the phenomenon that I want to discuss with you in this document is something about information. You all know that information about anything can be reduced to a signal with ones and zeros. That of course does not include a real item just the information about it. This can be handled very well by computers. Unfortunately the computer does not know the status "maybe" and the status "approximately". To rebuild "approximately" is a very difficult task in a computer and can only be applied to one situation. So Information is about items that are binary reproducible (right or left) on the one hand and on the other hand, questions that require the production of even more information so that the answer is fully understood (where is the next bus stop) These not exact questions usually are hidden behind W-questions. These W-questions require us to exchange a lot of information to get the result of the original question. The Type of questions that are of interest for this text are so to say "binary questions" that can be answered in a "binary" way without huge exchange of information. The information I am talking about here is so small that in most cases you do not realise it because the inforamtion is made visible to you alongside with your thinking and this especially exact in the right moment as you think. Usually we are used to wait for an answer. The information I am talking about here is instantaneous and appears right in the moment you think about somethimg. That is what makes it very difficult to percept it because until you realise what happened, your thoughts will already be far away from the topic. The Phenomenon I am talking about cannot really be used to ask W-type questions. A sample of these two kinds of questions would be "what is happiness?" and "is the chair in the garden?"