2. About perception

When I was a child I realised that looking into the blue sky you could see dancing dots all around and when you try to focus on them you find out there is nothing that is dancing at all. Once I asked my mother about this but she simply said that she did not see anything (maybe because she did not want to answer more questions). Since then I never thought about it but still saw the dots. Some time ago I read a book about Wilhelm Reich and found out that he made the very same observation He also tried to find out something about it but could not find any information about it. Later this became a part of his orgone theory. I do not know much about Reich and I cannot say, that what I want to explain here has to do with him the only thing that makes me wonder is that you see something as a child that nobody talks about and as a grown up by chance you find a book from a scientist and there everything is explained. Ok, that can happen often to you but about dancing dots in the blue sky?

So I encourage you first to look up into the plain blue sky to find out if you can see the dots dancing...

summary of this chapter: try to experience while you are experiencing