1. About time

Our lifetime on this planet is very short and whenever we become aware of that, it has already become quite difficult to change something in our life or to start things all over again. The fact that events cannot be repeated should already be eliminated from our Homo sapiens brain but the idea that things can be altered later is a source of a lot of romantic business in our society. When you are freshly in love with your loved one and go for a picknick in the grass then you should in this moment only do this very thing. Forget the camera where you want to make pictures for getting hold of something. Suck up every detail in your mind, your mind is the best memory for life. When you are married later maybe you will go to this place every once in a while but you will find out that the remembrance will be much stronger than anything you can get out of this location. Better try keeping the existing memories and create a new one every year.

The uniqueness of a moment is an absolute essential aspect of the things that I want to tell you here. You can not turn back time or rewind time. This is a fact that is essentially true for thoughts while thoughts themselves cannot even be captured and grabbed. Thoughts emerge in our brain and maybe in some part of our body but let's here only talk about the brain. The very part of thoughts and brain that we are looking at in this first step is the idea. Let's keep our concentration at the couple in love and start to imagine where you want to go with a beloved person just to pass some wonderful hours together. Please observe yourself thinking for a while how the thoughts begin to flow and how different images emerge... When you are really thinking about someone you know and not only simulate by reconstructing old thoughts observe this new thing for a while, how it emerges in your brain... This new thing that is it we are living for. The rest is history and can be forgotten (be left for the history book)

The things I want to tell you here are part of this new. These things will (maybe) not be found in the past. I cannot tell to 100%. I am only speaking for myself Because of this new character you have to solve a complicated thinking exercise. You must look at the present as it happens (like Krishnamurti told us) Exact spoken, I mean you must observe your thinking as it happens.

What do I mean by "observe thinking as it happens"? Hereby I mean that you stick to a thought before the current thought for a while longer than before you had the current thought. This sounds a bit ridiculous but trying it you will find out that is a non-trivial action. I just want to introduce a handling mechanism that computers use: They do their normal work as required and in case there is an interrupt the current program is stopped and the interrupt work is done and after that the regular computer program continues it's work. When I cite a computer functionality, I do not at all mean that this is a trivia for computers, not at all. But a computer can not do a thing when there is "maybe" an issue or "for a probe". We can do it: Thinking is a process that only happens now. We cannot stop time but we can use our memory for the past. The past makes the difference between what I was a while ago and what person I am now. This helps me create new thoughts just out of nothing