Table of Contents
1. About time
2. About perception
3. About information
4. The training
5. The interpretation
6. Phenomenology
7. What you need to know
8. Last chapter & medical advisory

In a book by Stephen Hawking there was a chapter asking :"Is everything predetermined". In this chapter Hawking argues that even if it was, we could not know what is predetermined. The grobholm Effect is exactly about knowing what is predetermined but you can imagine that this is not an easy task.

This text is the result of my study of this effect over the last 30 years and you can trust me that this is not a joke.

In case you want to read this text there exists one thing you undoubtedly must know clearly and you really must be aware of the fact. While reading this text there will be time passing on and you should select this time very carefully. Try to create a relaxed situation where you are able to read the text in about 2 hours’ time completely. Of course you are allowed to make breaks and whatever you like I just want to make sure that you should not read this text while you are waiting for the bus or in a mall that transmits commercials for the customers. It does not mean that you cannot do it if you like I just tell you that you do not waste your time..